The best diet for acne?

The acne experts had an straight answer to this question before 2002, that there is ‘no association’. However, The association between acne disease and nutrition has been highly controversial after that.

The confusion has arisen as all the scientific studies performed in this regards do not have the same opinion, more over there are outcomes suggesting in opposite directions. Also, the scientific design of these researches were questioned.

Points to ponder regarding a good diet plan for acne sufferers.

One, the diet you consume affects your body in regards of weight, body mass index, and active amount of androgen / insulin hormone, all of which plays an important role in acne formation and propagation. So, eating a healthy well balanced diet may improve body parameters important in acne reduction.

Second, researches suggest that avoidance of a certain food (like food with high glycemic index) correlate better to reduction of acne rather than taking any food in excess.

Third, several researchers are suggesting that there may be a degree of truth behind some dietary factors having an influence on acne. For example, foods items with High Glycemic Index, like simple sugars such as sweets and chocolate (which contain simple sugars). Processed foods such as white bread, biscuits, chips and junk foods have a high glycemic index and may be avoided in patients with acne.

Fourth, not every type of acne has a dietary influence.

Fifth, minerals like copper, zinc and selenium are important in acne. Also, there are food item considered as rich sources of these minerals. However, consuming such food probably has little effect on acne, as the total amount of mineral required per day is high enough to be reached this way. If you wish to take food supplements to fulfill the daily requirement, watch for vitamin B6 and B12 in them, which may be present as additional contents. The vitamin B6 and B12 are known precipitators of acne in susceptible people.

Finally, if you’re absolutely convinced that a certain food type is making your acne worse — avoid it! But if your acne is being treated properly, you probably don’t need to worry about food affecting it.