The major goals for treatment of pimples

Effective treatment of pimples now requires a multidimensional approach. Pimples or Acne is no longer considered as a physiological condition of adolescence, rather a persistent and constantly repeating inflammatory disease. Acne can be seen as a window to several internal body derangement, because pimples are found to be associated with many hormonal, bone and other inflammatory conditions. So Acne Care Clinic aims for a through inside-out correction of pimple causing risk factors.

However not all pimple sufferers manifest these internal disorders, but majority of them have at least some hormonal imbalances. Thus, treatment of pimples require a holistic approach that includes disease correction from within the body to the uppermost layer of skin.

We consider these goals while managing our clients of acne.

Putting clients first. We start the management plan by giving a comprehensive information regarding acne and its management. Also, we try to align the expectations of our clients according to the duration and level of possible treatment outcomes.
Correction of all the pathological factors involved in acne formation, i.e. abnormal skin dynamics, acne causing bacteria, adverse environmental  factors. Details of how acne develops may be found here.
Elaborate search and correction of bodies internal derangement, which are making your pimples worst.
Minimizing side effect by a ‘Start Early-Start Strong-Start Safe’ approach. We achieve this by incorporating a combination of various treatment modalities, by minimizing the oral medication as far as possible and by using safer alternatives where-ever feasible.
Creating an after-treatment skin care regimen for a pimple free skin forever.

Acne Care Clinic will be your best ally on your journey to achieve more beautiful, clearer, pimple-free skin.