Dandruff and Pimples: is there a link?

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July 5, 2017
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Do dandruff cause pimples?

There is a tremendous amount of confusion regarding the role of dandruff in the production of pimples. Most of the time it is being thought and asked that dandruff falls on face or back and causes eruptions there. Our expert suggests that dandruff DOESN’T cause pimples. However, there are so many things in common between the two skin conditions, that dandruff and pimples may run simultaneously.

Common Grounds (Modified from this and this) :

  • Background Inflammation

    Both pimples and dandruff are inflammatory disorders, where inflammation initiate as well as perpetuate the condition.

  • Faulty keratinization

    The process of formation and shedding of the uppermost layer of skin is at fault in both of the disorders. in dandruff, the flakes are composed of loosened skin cells, whereas in pimples, loosened skin cells clog the pores of oil producing glands.

  • A defect in Sebum composition

    The expert doctor at ACNE CARE CLINIC suggests that quality of sebum got changed in cases of pimples and dandruff.

  • The role of commensal microorganism

    So many microorganisms are normally present over the body without affecting our health. Malassezia furfur and Propionibacterium acnes are two commensal organisms present inside our hair follicle, where former causes dandruff and later causes acne.

  • Aggravated by irritants

    Harsh soaps, shampoos are known to increase both dandruff and pimples through their irritant effect on the skin.

  • Excess sunlight exposure

    Increases the tendency of getting pimples as well as dandruff.

  • Skin dryness increases both of them

    Acne expert opines that frequent washing of face may lead to dryness of skin, which may worsen acne.  Similarly, excessive dryness of scalp also aggravates dandruff.

  • Individual’s Genetic susceptibility

    Not everyone gets dandruff or pimples. a background genetic susceptibility is required to have any of the two.

  • Emotional stress 

Emotional stress may not cause pimples or dandruff, but it surely aggravates them.

So both the clinical conditions share common developmental as well as aggravating factors. Thus they may show ups and downs simultaneously in a given individual, leading to a misconception that one gives rise to another.

Quality care of pimples requires not only the treatment of acne but also an understanding of associated condition. Get benefit from a quality skin and hair care regimen formulated by our expert at ACNE CARE CLINIC, Indore.

Dr Rahul Nagar
Dr Rahul Nagar
Consultant Acne Care Specialist at Acne Care Clinic and Assistant Professor at Department of Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy, Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College, Indore and Consultant Dermatologist at Maharaja Yeshwant Rao Hospital Indore

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